CentraL Railway Station

CentraL Railway Station

Maputo [Lourenço Marques], Maputo, Mozambique

Equipment and Infrastructures

Located on the former Azeredo Square, then MacMahon Square, present day Square of Trabalhadores. The plans, begun in 1904, were already budgeted by the Railways in 1906-1907. The work dates back to 1908-1910 (inaugurated on the 19th March 1910), encompassing the long metal structure that served as support to the piers. The plans are attributed to engineer Alfredo Augusto Lisboa de Lima (1867-1935), and the construction to the enterprise Buccellato & Irmão. Another source mentions a project by architect Mário Veiga, from the Public Works Department, with public work contractor Maroni. The façade in later classical “French”, fin-de-siècle model, followed the project by architect José Cristiano de Paula Ferreira da Costa (designer of the Vidago Palace Hotel in Trás-os-Montes, Portugal, in 1908-1910, and, in Maputo, of the Police Station at ConsiglieriPedroso Street and the neighbouring Bank Nacional Ultramarino, now demolished). The work began in 1913 and was concluded in 1916. It displays a central volume with a façade with a wide Roman arch, topped by a raised turret, of a semi-spherical roof (cupola covered with copper, executed by the Johannesburg-based firm Evans & Plows), which is connected to two symmetrical two-storey bodies, with a row of arcades on the ground floor and upper galleries resembling porches, along classical lines. The decoration of the frontispiece was executed by Pietro Buffa Buccellato. The plan, in an H-shape is linked to the functional station with its platforms. The railway had its own workshops for repair, with foundry; some iron columns have the engraving of Caminho de Ferro de Lourenço Marques.

José Manuel Fernandes