Church and Convent of Mount Carmel

Church and Convent of Mount Carmel

Luanda [São Paulo de Luanda], Luanda, Angola

Religious Architecture

The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is located in the Ingombota quarter and belonged to the Convent of Saint Theresa of the Barefoot Carmelite nuns. Its construction began in 1660 and was concluded in 1689, as the inscription on the façade above the entrance attests. It belongs to the particular baroque style typical of this order. It has an austere and massive façade with a single bay without wings; the triangular pediment above the cornice bears the coat of arms of the order. The 1920’s postcard reproduced here depicts the church as it was at the time. It is open for worship and was acknowledged as a National Monument by directive no. 29, of the 18th July 1945.

Isabel Martins