Post Office

Post Office

Macao, Macau, China

Equipment and Infrastructures

he central post office stands by the Senate Square in the heart of Macau and is classified as a building of architectural interest. It is an example of eclectic taste in the spirit of a Parisian fine arts design. Built in 1929 and opened in 1931, the project was the work of Chen Kun Pei, an Architect of the Macau Public Works Department.
The reinforced concrete structure justifies the large volume of the building, which has three floors on a colossal scale and a basement. Its size is emphasised even more by the fact that it stands on a corner. Its curved front entrance and pediment are flanked by loggias that run the whole length of the building on all three floors, the building being topped by a parapeted veranda. The corner body is flanked by double columns resting on colossal stone pedestals, the body’s verticality being accentuated by a monumental clock tower that is the axis of the whole. The interior was profoundly altered in 1989, but the façade was left as before.

Ana Tostões