Other Equipment

Other Equipment

Chimoio [Vila Pery, Mandigos], Manica, Mozambique

Equipment and Infrastructures

It is worth mentioning the following buildings and spaces, with architectural interest: the cluster of the Private School of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, with some features of the modern architecture of the 1930s-1940s, set on a city corner. Also with modern expression are: the former Bank Nacional Ultramarino, by Paulo de Melo Sampaio (project from 1956, opening 1959), which displays a rectangular, modulated façade, with horizontal lines that enhance the “filled” areas and empty sections; the Cinema Montalto, by the same architect, with a rectangular façade resembling a canvas, embellished with an artwork (project from 1957-1960, inaugurated in 1963, it is now the Cultural Centre of Manica); Instituto Superior Politécnico the former Hotel do Chimoio, with the Café Chimoio on a corner, connected to the attached building of the Cinema Montalto (designed by architect Paulo Sampaio in 1957, built in 1958-1960, as “Prédio Montalto”); Café Elo 4, with an interior characteristic of the 1950s-1960s; and the Aero Clube, with a wide curved roof forming a parabola, built in reinforced concrete, and two raised prismatic bodies on each side.

José Manuel Fernandes