High School

High School

Saurimo [Henrique de Carvalho], Lunda Sul, Angola

Equipment and Infrastructures

Designed by architects Antonieta Jacinto and Francisco da Silva Dias in 1958-1959 following a commission by the Provincial Committee of Saurimo, it was aimed at receiving the children of employees of the district, namely those of the Diamang, as an alternative to a religious education in Malanje or Luanda. The plan included a boarding school which was never built but was considered necessary at the time. This building overcame the lack of teaching in the city since there was only elementary education. The way spaces connect with one another and the interior/exterior relation conveys a fluid, uncompromised and generous character to urban life. On two floors, access to the classrooms can be made through the galleries, protected by grilles for sun protection and ventilation. The staircases for access to the first floor rise from the hallway opened at the side and provides a fluid space with natural ventilation and lighting. This example shows a clear adaptation to the characteristics of the region focusing on natural ventilation, sun protection and the interconnection of the open interior areas as well as the lightness of shapes and materials, characteristic of modern buildings.

Maria Manuela Fonte