Other Equipment

Other Equipment

Malanje [Malange], Malanje, Angola

Equipment and Infrastructures

Worthy of mention: the Town Hall building, erected at the top of Veríssimo Sarmento Square in the 1920s; the Municipal Market, a single-storey building of modest size with a tiled roof built in the 1920s; the Bank of Angola from 1930, a somewhat imposing building in the characteristic traditional Portuguese style, with two floors, located at Comércio Square; the Trade Palace Associação Comercial e Industrial do Planalto (Commercial and Industrial Association of the Plateau), commissioned by the association (founded in 1934) and located at Veríssimo Sarmento Square with architectural elements in a monumentalized Art Deco style (concluded in 1954); the Veríssimo Sarmento Private School/High School, a work of the 1930s. There is also another plan for a technical elementary school by Fernando Schiappa, of 1955, but it is not certain that it was built.

Aida Freudenthal