Ribeira Grande [“Cidade Velha”], Santiago Island, Cape Verde

Equipment and Infrastructures

The pillory is located in the city’s central square, set on a quadrangular platform with three octagonal stairs. The base of the twisted shaft consists of a circular moulding interrupted midway by a carved projecting ring. The iron attachment ring is also halfway up. The capital is cylindrical and embellished with lanceolate motifs. At the abacus four curved iron bars arranged as a cross open along with the stone pinecone-shaped top. The pillory was built in the 16th century. Its current location may not be the original one, presumed to have been on the Misericórdia square where the Town Hall stood. Its stones were sent to Portugal in the 1960s for restoration and later reinstalled at their historic location in the city. As far as can be determined, the upper part of the monument was redone at that time using stone from Pêro Pinheiro (Sintra, Portugal). The accompanying photo was taken in 1993.

Fernando Pires