Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Curca, Goa, India

Religious Architecture

This church in Curturim is situated by a branch of the Zuari River. One of Goa’s most elaborate crosses stands in the middle of the large courtyard in front, conferring on the complex a singular beauty enhanced by the water-dominated landscape. The façade also represents a moment of calm formal equilibrium regarding the model created by the Jesuit church in Margao: it has a central part with three branches corresponding to the church’s nave; and two flanking towers, the north one housing a side gallery establishing connections with the parish buildings (recently modernised). The towers are topped by complete polygonal drum cupolas. The façades and towers are articulated by pilasters and have scroll pediments characteristic of the early 18th century. The façade therefore dates to about a half century after the church (founded in 1597) was rebuilt in 1647.

Paulo Varela Gomes