Church of Saint Benedict

Church of Saint Benedict

Natividade, Tocantins, Brazil

Religious Architecture

Built in the 18th century, this church was the main place of worship in Natividade during part of the 19th century, since the parish church was in a dilapidated condition. The church itself was also in a very poor state in the 20th century. It has a peculiar façade, with a central door flanked by two windows. The choir does not have any windows and is lit through an opening in a side wall. On the same alignment is what could have been a tower, which was finished at a slightly lower height than the coping of the nave. The simple paintings that cover the walls of the chancel, crossing arch and altar are an attractive feature. The church was restored by IPHAN in the early 20th century and its churchyard by the Monumenta Programa.

Nádia Mendes de Moura