House at Sítio do Padre Inácio

House at Sítio do Padre Inácio

Cotia, São Paulo, Brazil


The house of Sítio do Padre Inácio was built in the late 17th century. Its first owners were the judge of orphans Roque Soares de Medela and Luzia Leme, aunt of Father Inácio Francisco Amaral, born in 1753. Built of rammed earth, it has a square floor plan, with the main room at the centre and with other rooms distributed along the sides. It has a recessed porch on the main façade, an attic, a hipped roof and long eaves. The house at Sítio do Padre Inácio is notable for the elegant carved works on the pillars of the porch and the corbels on the eaves. The high‐relief panels of the doors and windows, with their geometrical motifs, are quite noteworthy. Among all the so‐called bandeiristas houses, this is the one that presents the most harmonious proportions in terms of volume, giving it a rare beauty. Due to the remarkable care taken in the construction and technique, it has been satisfyingly restored. It was listed by iphan on 8th October, 1951, and by condephaat (ex officio) on 23rd September, 1974.

Beatriz Piccolotto Siqueira Bueno